Prime team

Teamwork Makes The
Dream Work

Primespot Group is a creative, hardworking, and value-conscious
design & development partner for your transformational information technology needs. We create business impact via a proven approach to identifying and delivering digital opportunities, using best-in-class techniques such as design thinking, rapid prototyping, and UXD.

Our Mission

Is the knowledge and use of tools, techniques, and systems in order to serve a large purpose such as solving problems, adding value to business investments or making life easier and better.

Prime World

Located in New York City (US), London (UK), Rome (IT), and Tirana (Albania) Prime Spot Group brings you a combination of innovative and unique technology, responsiveness and value that allows you to save time and money, while never compromising your project’s quality.

Our Main Team

We created a great workplace environment that leads to business success but also employee happiness. We make sure that all angles are considered before making decisions. Fairness is very important here.

Iv Tase
Founder / Ceo
Erisa Kacupi
Co-founder / Legal Director
Adriano Antimi
Partner / Coo
Mirbana Bilali
Ardit Gjebrea
Artisitic Advisor
Klesjana Kreku
Tourmake Developer
Endriu Tase
Visual Effects / VFX
Erta Biraci
Managing Director
Oljanid Cakalli
Tourmake Expert
Xhulja Hysa
Saimir Mici
Tourmake - Viewmake
Arlind Vukatana
App Developer
Olsi Beci
Vr Photographer / Video
Egon Musliu
Director of Photograghy
Marin Balla
App Developer
Emiljano Abedini
Vr Photographer / Video
Ivi Zhulla
UX/ Editing
Andi Kotri
Tv Director / Creativity
Metlin Kepi
Camera / Drones
Alter Cuca
Software Developer
Daniel Shehi
UX / 3D